The Baker Pool & Spa display with Enzo

Blast From the Past

Missouri pool company reintroduces Natural Chemistry’s retired mascot

Retailers continue to get creative with their displays, finding new ways to engage customers despite the craziness of 2020.

Baker Pool & Spa in Chesterfield, Missouri, is no exception. As restrictions lifted and the company prepared to welcome customers back, store manager Josh Davis tasked his team with finding fun ways to engage clients. To get started, Josh dug around his basement and pulled out Enzo, Natural Chemistry’s advertising mascot from more than 20 years ago.

“I was working at a different pool store at the time and asked my rep for something I could use to create a store display,” Davis says. “He sent a box with Enzo and told me it was the last one. Enzo provides a big happy face on the rack. He’s very welcoming.”

Davis successfully used the stuffed Enzo back then and he says people always noticed it, especially kids. Davis thought Enzo’s grin would be appreciated again by customers coming in for the first time after the company had been closed during quarantine.

In designing the display, seasonal workers Logan Dorsey and Kyle Rinkeberger knew that customers would be coming in to drop off their water testing samples, so they decided to include two clear, plastics buckets of water on the display — one filled with green water and the other with clear water to represent what Natural Chemistry products can do. This display was positioned directly across from the water testing station to catch the attention of customers waiting for their results.

Another seasonal team member for the company, Megan Calett, launched an Enzo coloring contest to engage customers and their kids.

“We are a family-owned business and we try to do these fun things, but we didn’t expect the participation that we got,” says Donna Bernhardt, controller for Baker Pool & Spa. “We were really surprised — dozens of coloring sheets were submitted. The family that won brought their kids with them to get the prize and took pictures and shared them on social media. It was a bigger little thing than we expected.”

Coincidentally, Natural Chemistry launched a display contest among dealers, so Baker submitted photos of the Enzo display and the coloring contest. Using creativity and bringing Enzo out of retirement landed Baker Pool & Spa the first-place price of $500, as well as very positive responses from customers.

Who is Enzo?
Created by Natural Chemistry, Enzo (named for the brand’s naturally based enz-yme pool water cleaning product) was the company’s beloved mascot for many years. There are even some original stuffed Enzos still out in the market. NC Brands and PoolPro would love to see any that remain — post to social media and tag both Facebook pages if you have one: @NaturalChemistryPoolSpa and @PoolProMagazine.

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