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Rule the Pool with time-saving products and practices

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Save Time in the Backyard with these 4 Tips  

When you’re constantly on the road going from pool to pool, your time in each backyard matters. Fortunately, we’ve consulted experts to see how you can save time in each backyard… or prevent a trip altogether.

  1. Create a checklist. It may be old-fashioned, but a checklist can help streamline the start of your day. This can help ensure you don’t forget things like sunscreen and a pad to kneel on. Nothing will slow you down like sunburn and achy joints!
  2. Streamline your processes. For businesses of all sizes, scheduling and project management are always annoying tasks. Check out apps and services like Pentair Pool Builder to streamline your day-to-day business processes so you can focus while you’re in the field.
  3. Skip the full install. With the IntelliCenter® Pool Control Upgrade Kit, you can easily upgrade pools with EasyTouch and IntelliTouch® Pool Control Systems, no full automation system installation required. The Upgrade Kit installs on the current wiring and housing, meaning you just have to change the bezel, board, and transformer.
  4. Set up remote monitoring to potentially save a trip. Give your business an edge with the Pentair Pro app’s remote monitoring feature for products like the IntelliFlo3® Variable Speed and Flow Pool Pump. Stay ahead of issues by detecting and resolving them before they escalate, potentially preventing the need for an on-site service visit.
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Rule the Pool with streamlined processes in mind.  

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