Weighted Energy Factor for Pool Pumps

Frequently asked questions about the U.S. Department of Energy’s newest efficiency metric


1. What is Weighted Energy Factor (WEF)?

Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, WEF is a new standard for evaluating the energy efficiency of pool pumps. Similar to the miles-per-gallon metric for cars, a higher WEF rating indicates a more efficient pump.

2. Why was WEF created?

WEF is part of a broader set of new DOE pool-pump regulations aimed at reducing energy usage. By increasing ultra-high efficiency pump use, these regulations will also increase profitability for pool pros and save consumers money over time.

3. When does WEF take effect?

Starting July 19, 2021, all newly manufactured pool pumps included under the new rule must be tested and labeled with their WEF rating. Hayward Pool Products currently adheres to WEF testing and manufactures the highest WEF-rated pumps in the pool industry.*

4. What types of pool pumps are affected?

All dedicated-purpose pool pumps — including all residential in-ground and above-ground pumps up to 2.5 hydraulic horsepower (approximately 5 motor horsepower) — manufactured after July 19, 2021 must have a DOE-compliant WEF rating.

5. Which pumps have the best WEF ratings?

Hayward ultra-high efficiency pumps have the highest WEF ratings in the industry.* Hayward also carries the widest range of DOE-compliant pumps, including a variety of single-speed models. All 1-horsepower and lower Super Pump models — the world’s best-selling single-speed pumps — are compliant and will continue to be manufactured, along with all 1-horsepower and lower MaxFlo XL models.

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6. What does this mean for pool pros?

The burden of WEF compliance falls solely on pump manufacturers. Dealers will be able to sell their inventory in its entirety, and builders will still be able to install any pump they can acquire. However, because adoption of ultra-high efficiency pumps will increase, new WEF regulations are predicted to result in increased profitability for pool professionals, and increased savings and satisfaction for pool owners.

For easy access to the most updated information about WEF and other DOE regulatory changes, bookmark hayward.com/regulations.

*Claim based on TriStar VS 900 pump rating per Dept. of Energy efficiency metrics as of January 1, 2021. Visit hayward.com/regulations for details.

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