What is your favorite nonchemical water treatment?

When it comes to designing a pool equipment setup, I highly recommend incorporating chemical automation as I prefer chlorine over a salt generator. In my view, it’s an essential addition for every pool owner. It ensures that the water in the pool maintains the right chemical balance all week long, and it only requires minor adjustments when I come for my regular service visits. 

One of the great features of chemical automation is its ability to adapt to different situations. Whether it’s just the family enjoying a quiet day in the pool or a lively party with friends, the system can detect these changing conditions and adjust the chemical levels accordingly. This ensures the pool water remains clean, safe and comfortable for everyone.

Now, let’s talk about ozone. Ozone is a powerful method for keeping pool water clean and safe to swim in. What sets it apart is that it doesn’t introduce any extra chemicals into the water. This means you can use less chlorine while maintaining a crystal-clear and sanitized pool. Ozone also helps eliminate any byproducts that chlorine might leave behind, further contributing to the water’s overall cleanliness and quality.

Incorporating chemical automation and ozone treatment into your pool setup is a smart move. It guarantees that your pool water remains in top condition with minimal effort, and it provides a healthier and more enjoyable swimming experience for everyone who uses the pool, whether it’s a regular family day or a special occasion with friends and guests.

Jenniffer Mele
Pool Guardians of Florida
Land O’ Lakes, Florida

I would use ozone because it is really efficient with bacteria, germs, organic material and viruses, which are virtually destroyed by this treatment. It is also the disinfectant for swimming pools and is stronger than any other manual or automatic chemical treatment. I’d use this for both chlorine and saltwater pools — especially here in Hawaii, this would make my job much easier and more satisfying for my customers.

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Marshall Dela Cruz
Aloha Aquatics Solutions
Waipahu, Hawaii

Our choice of water treatment is something we should all be thinking about. The way I see it, whatever treatment I would put in my pool is what I should be promoting to my customers. 

My choice would be a salt system paired with an AquaStar PureStar ozone unit. Reducing costs and increasing the profitability of service accounts is toward the top of my priority list, and with this equipment I can reduce the use of liquid chlorine I’m dumping in the pool. The salt system can provide the chlorine needed while the ozone unit works in conjunction to eradicate microorganisms and contaminants in the water as it returns to the pool.


Michael Krause
First Response Pool Service
Simi Valley, California

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