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Automatic Pool Covers’ Dealer Support Team Celebrates 125 Years of Experience

Automatic Pool Covers, Inc.’s dealer support team is celebrating seven support team members who have 125 years of combined industry experience. 

“The team has a vast knowledge and experience in the industry and is a tremendous resource to all those that call us,” says Michael Shebek, CEO of Automatic Pool Covers, Inc

The members of this team take care of the needs of dealers, from placing customer orders to providing technical product support. The longest-standing dealer support representative is Mike Weber, who has been with the team since 1999. 

apc dealer supportteam 125 years
From left: Mitch R., 17 years; Brett H., 6 years (17 years in industry); Nick C., 16 years; Quiana O., 10 years; Kayla M., 8 years; Steve S., 8 years (32 years in industry); Mike W., 25 years

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