Fluidra releases water analysis system

Fluidra introduces the Blueriiot Smart Water Analyzer, a device that sits in a pool or spa, or is installed professionally at the pool pad (with the Blue Fit50 attachment accessory) and accurately measures four key elements needed to keep water crystal clear: pH, ORP (sanitation potential), conductivity (salinity) and water temperature.

The tool sends its readings to the Blueriiot app on any mobile device for constant vigilance on-the-go, as well as to the free Virtual Pool Care website where pool service professionals can monitor all their customers’ water from one dashboard. Additionally, the Blueriiot Smart Water Analyzer keeps a record of past readings, giving professionals a clear look at how the pool system is performing between visits so they can predict, prevent and identify problems.

“With the information provided by the Blueriiot device, keeping water balanced is easier because you always know the status,” says Mara McCartney, senior product manager of water care for Fluidra.

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