Glacier Pool Coolers keeps U.S. Olympic swim team’s pool chilled

Arizona-based company, Glacier Pool Coolers, was chosen by the U.S. swim team as their pool chiller for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Glacier Pool Coolers’ GPC280 Model Series Pool Cooling System is being used in the U.S. National Team’s 50-meter private pool facility in Tokyo where the Team USA’s Olympic and Paralympic swim teams practice between events. 

Pools that are too warm requires more effort from the athlete to swim in due to excess sweating. Keeping the pool at an optimal temperature allows for peak performance and training. The Glacier Pool Coolers’ pool chiller has brought the water temperature from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees Fahrenheit at the training facility.

“U.S. Olympians are competing in an intense, hot climate this year,” says Rick Argovitz, president of Glacier Pool Coolers. “Our GPC280 Model Series Pool Cooling System will give swimmers a relief from the heat and deliver an optimal training environment in the water.”

Typically, heat pump chillers are used to maintain or regulate water temperature. However, these come with substantial running costs and energy demands. The GPC280 Model Series Pool Cooling System uses no Freon, heat exchange or gas, but rather an electric fan. Since the U.S. Olympic Committee will be using a pool chilling system that uses an electric fan, it will reduce the cost of running and operating the pool during the event. 

Glacier Pool Coolers is a Texas-born company that created a product line after testing equipment on pools during hot, humid and muggy Houston summers. The company used this knowledge to cool water in pools, fish hatcheries, sea life exhibits, hydro farms and stacked lakes globally. Now based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Glacier Pool Coolers serves the Valley with pool-cooling needs.

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