Hayward® is Heating Up With New Pool Innovations

Energy efficiency beyond the pool pump

Recently, there have been several advancements in the world of pool heaters — like new innovations in fuel line flexibility, breakthroughs in minimal space requirements and the introduction of variable-speed technology to heat pumps. Hayward’s two recent product innovations in pool-heater technology are leading the industry in high-performance heating for dealers, servicers and consumers alike.


The Universal HC Series dual-fuel gas heater is built for flexible performance, allowing users to switch between natural gas or liquid propane with a simple twist of the easy-out mixing orifice. Not only does this provide a huge benefit for installers, but it also means the days of dealers stocking both natural gas and LP heaters are over.

Servicers will appreciate the unique quick-access top panel, which lets them access the gas shutoff, voltage selection and more without needing to crouch or kneel. And because the panel is reversible, it’s easy to swap plumbing from left to right with the use of a single fastener.

But the Universal HC Series’ many benefits aren’t just for the trade. Consumers will undoubtedly love the dual-fuel heater’s small footprint, which can operate with zero wall clearance. The novel heat discharge design allows the unit to operate at full capacity right up against a fence, wall or other component, making it ideal for small pool pads and tight spaces.

Best of all, this new smaller heater size doesn’t sacrifice one degree on power: The Universal HC Series delivers maximum performance in the minimum possible footprint.


The HeatPro VS variable-speed heat and cool heat pump offers a completely new way to keep pools at just the right temperature while saving more energy than ever before.

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By now, many people have become familiar with variable-speed technology in the context of pool pumps. But in the heater space, the idea of variable-speed capability is still fairly new. The underlying principle of variable-speed heaters is the same as with pumps: Let the motor flex its run speed up and down (depending on the current heating needs) to make sure it’s only working as hard as it needs to. If the heater doesn’t need to bounce between off and full-blast, it saves energy.

Imagine someone trying to drive under the speed limit in a car that only runs at full throttle. Without the ability to adjust the car’s speed to run at a constant rate, the driver would likely spend a lot of unnecessary effort taking their foot off the pedal and putting it back on.

The same is true with heaters. With the larger gradient of speed options to fit the situation, VS heat pumps can adjust their output speed based on the pool water and ambient temperature, producing significant savings for a pool owner’s energy bill.

HeatPro VS is the first AHRI-certified variable-speed vertical discharge heat pump in North America. The compressor and control system have been totally redesigned for better performance. As a result, HeatPro VS has soft-start operation and the highest partial load COP on the market.

Variable-speed heating technology also offers many exciting benefits for consumers. Most notably, they can set a desired pool temperature and a designated runtime, then let the HeatPro VS deliver the optimally efficient heating cycle. An ancillary benefit of variable-speed technology is that the units run significantly quieter — and pool owners always love that.

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