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We’re starting 2019 with an issue all about your retail stores


Happy new year from all of us at PoolPro. We appreciate your support in 2018, and hope 2019 is great for you personally and professionally.

We’ve never before done a themed issue of PoolPro, but we’re starting 2019 with an issue all about retail. If you don’t have a swimming pool retail store, don’t put the magazine down just yet: There are applications for pool businesses that don’t now — nor ever want to — have a store.

My favorite story this issue is about inventory turns. If you’re a service or repair company, you know all too well how inventory can quickly suck up cash if you’re not paying attention. This is a great time of year to go through your warehouse and clear out dead inventory that you haven’t moved.

If you do not have a store but would like one (or more) eventually, we talk to several companies that went from service only to adding retail — and one that knows it’s not the right move for them.

Our other retail topics include dress codes, grand openings and merchandising.

Also, don’t miss our first article in a series on servicing high-end pools. In each 2019 issue, we talk to builders about what they wish service companies knew about keeping their top projects in top shape.


Megan Kendrick, publisher


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