Jandy Infinite WaterColors

Jandy Introduces Infinite WaterColors LED Lighting Lineup

Jandy is giving pool owners a new way to customize their pools with an unlimited array of lighting colors. 

Jandy Infinite WaterColors

Unlike conventional color pool lights, the new Jandy Infinite WaterColors LED Lights provide a full selection of shades along with 10 traditional preset colors and five light shows. The lights can be changed instantly through the iAquaLink app or by asking Alexa; the advanced dimming capabilities mean pool owners can also control brightness without sacrificing visibility. 

“Jandy’s Infinite WaterColors LED Lights set a new standard of lighting,” says Megan Helms, product manager of lighting and water features. “We’re giving pool owners more ways to personalize their pools with the ability to pick any color they can imagine; it’s a level of customization that was previously unavailable. ”

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Further enhancing the backyard experience, Jandy Infinite lights come with color zoning technology which allows for the creation of custom color schemes. The lights can be grouped into four separate zones indicated by the pool owner and illuminated with different colors. 

The Jandy Infinite WaterColors LED Lights are available in both niched and nicheless models and are compatible with Jandy AquaLink RS automation systems for operation through the iAquaLink app.

The lighting lineup is part of Fluidra’s trade series exclusive policy which prohibits the sale of all Jandy equipment online. They are for sale only by brick-and-mortar dealers and are not available for resale online. Pool professionals are encouraged to contact their local Fluidra representative for information or visit Jandy.com.

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