Conserving Water

Pool companies do their part to conserve the industry's most precious commodity

Arizona Pool Water Recycling

A division of Ward’s Pool Service and Supply, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

Since 2002, Ward’s has been providing pool service and repairs to the Phoenix metro and East Valley areas. Owner Steven Ward believes in providing the best to his customers through continued education.

“Water conservation is a continually growing concern in Arizona,” Ward says. “With swimming pools requiring to be drained every two years due to high calcium, total dissolved solids and other hardness minerals, I knew there had to be a better process for refreshing the water other than draining a pool.”

In 2014, Ward came across Pure Water Industries, a California company that manufactures mobile filtration units. After meeting with the owners and experiencing how the company’s Puripool Process could safely and effectively remove solids from water without draining it, Ward formed Arizona Pool Water Recycling to offer this process to pool owners in Arizona.

Parrot Bay Pools

Fayetteville, North Carolina

For every pool Parrot Bay Pools builds, the company funds the construction of a family well in an underdeveloped country through Compassion International. In the last year, the company has increased both its business and philanthropic goals: “Instead of building more than 100 individual family wells each year for the more than 100 pools we build,” says co-owner Jamie Braddy, “we decided to exceed our goal by helping build community wells to help hundreds of people in an entire community.”

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In 2020, Parrot Bay funded a community well in Burkina Faso in western Africa, which hit water this past December. In 2021, the company funded a new project in Ghana, which will break ground this year.

“Parrot Bay is seeking to change the world through clean water,” Braddy says.

Manning Pool Service

Houston, Texas

While Manning Pool Service doesn’t directly contribute to a water conservation charity, the company draws attention to charitable efforts like 4Ocean — a beach cleanup program — and Pentair’s safe drinking water projects in Africa.

“We use our social media channels and newsletter to ‘signal boost’ the messages from active organizations,” says Ian Schatte, marketing director for MPS. “[We] encourage other pool companies to use their free platforms to draw attention to local and national philanthropies. Service companies of varying sizes may or may not have the ability to financially contribute. A positive post, call to action buttons, newsletter mentions, Google Reviews and volunteer hours are a free and important way we can all lend a hand.”

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