Heritage Pool Supply launches PoolTech program for pool service pros

On march 23, Heritage Pool Supply Group is debuting PoolTech, a new program designed to benefit and reward pool service professionals. 

At the beginning of 2021, not many in the pool industry had heard of SRS Distribution, one of the largest distributors of roofing materials in the U.S., or Heritage Landscape Supply Group, an SRS subsidiary serving the landscaping industry. But in August 2021, SRS announced it was building a new distribution platform in the pool industry, Heritage Pool Supply Group, and made its first acquisition, Aqua-Gon, a Midwest pool supply distributor.

By the end of 2021, Heritage had bought 14 distributor brands across the U.S. At this point, it was all the industry was talking about. 

In 2022, Heritage made a few more strategic acquisitions but also began adding new locations for the brands it had already purchased and created a new brand: Texas Pool Supply. Today it has more than 100 locations and has made 18 business acquisitions. And now that Heritage has consolidated operations between its family of independent pool distributors, it’s growing its programs and offerings with the launch of PoolTech. Developed for service professionals, PoolTech provides loyalty rewards, training, events and even a quality council. 

“We are the hub,” says Kim Levin, vice president of sales and marketing at Heritage Pool Supply. “We connect the pool service pro with the manufacturers. We see our role as very needed and serious — we have a lot of value to add to the trade. And that’s what the program has set out to do.”

PoolTech’s initial March debut will be limited to Heritage’s West region. It will roll it out to other areas of the country after Heritage has applied early feedback to fine-tune the program. Although the program will evolve with time, one thing that will be available immediately are loyalty rewards with members earning a percentage on all purchases and an additional percentage on PoolTech-designated products.

“It enhances [the member’s] profitability over time,” says Dave Cook, president of Heritage Pool Supply. Cook says they wanted to make the loyalty program as easy as possible on pool service companies, so there are no saving receipts or having to email proof of purchase. The points are automatically added with each purchase, and members can look up their point balance at any time, spending those points on whatever they choose.

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But while the rewards may have an immediate effect on service professionals, what excites Cook the most about PoolTech is the educational aspect. Members will be able to attend in-person training as well as access a library of training videos from Heritage and all the manufacturer brands it sells. As Heritage builds out that curriculum, Cook says the most important thing will be collecting feedback from its network of pool techs. 

“What training do you need first and foremost?” Cook says. “Then it’s going to be our job to pull that together through various sources.”

Another area where PoolTech will be getting feedback is through the program’s Quality Council where leading pool service pros will be invited to provide suggestions and help work toward improved products, service and quality of life for the trade. 

“We’re inviting the pool techs, manufacturers and partners to be on the council,” Levin says. “We’ve asked the manufacturers to have a leadership representative and then an engineer because engineers listen from a different perspective. That’s the dynamic we want, so we have a holistic view of where that product functions best and where it needs some help.”

The vision for PoolTech includes events and special sales available only to members throughout the year. Levin says whatever they include must meet the foundational pillars of PoolTech: empower, educate and elevate.

“You’ve got a company that’s listening to you, service and maintenance pros,” Cook says. “We are going to listen to you and provide you all the resources that we can possibly muster.”

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