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CMP’s Next Gen AOP products

When it comes to improved solutions for pool water management, CMP continues to focus on innovation. CMP, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer and global supplier in the recreational water industry, announced in September 2020 the addition of two new products to its line of advanced oxidation process sanitizer systems: the Next Gen DEL AOP 40 and the AOP 25. These Next Gen AOPs were the result of years of development and customer feedback.

“Homeowners want clean, clear water with less chemicals, and pool pros want systems that are easy to install, simple to maintain and are effective,” says Victor Walker, director of marketing and product design at CMP. “The new DEL AOP designs answer the needs of both pool professionals and homeowners alike.”

CMP acquired DEL Ozone in 2017, and the design team at CMP used what DEL started to create this new line of products. “Leveraging knowledge from the prior designs, combined with improved functionality and innovative new features, the new Next Gen AOP products provide a strong foundation for the modern pool sanitizer program,” Walker says. “AOP products are the most powerful products available to help pools stay healthy.”

AOP sanitizer systems are more effective than chlorine, ozone and other sanitizers alone, Walker adds. The systems work by combining UV and ozone to produce hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyls have been documented in numerous studies to have powerful oxidation capabilities. Reducing chlorine dependency, killing contaminants and clarifying the water is all possible with this technology.

The new AOP units have also been certified by NSF as supplemental sanitizers and have been proven in testing to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria like giardia, E. coli and cryptosporidium in addition to other organic and inorganic pool water contaminants. These are the only UV and ozone combination systems to receive this rating from NSF. “We really think we have cracked that code with these new products,” Walker says. “Other systems may work but are hard to install. Or they may be easy to set up, but not NSF 50 certified as supplemental sanitizers. We managed to do both, and we could not be more excited.”

Walker had the first pre-production AOP 40 model installed on his own pool in June 2020 and attests to the user-friendly traits of the systems. “I am also running Powerclean Salt on my pool, so I am truly living with the modern pool. I test my water weekly, and the pool stays in balance very easily,” he says. Walker affirms that the combination of Powerclean Salt and the DEL AOP system is ideal for not only lowering his cost of ownership, but also providing his family with the cleanest, safest water possible. “I have had a pool almost all of my life, and I have never had a pool that was this easy to keep balanced,” he adds.

Reed Hartzog, designer and owner of Premier Pools and Spas in Laguna Hills, California, says his company has been installing AOP units for six years on 90% of the pools serviced, but the new AOP systems have some features that stand out. The notification lights that let users know when it’s time to inspect or change the UV or ozone bulbs are one of Hartzog’s favorite elements.

“A lot of times, customers don’t know when [an AOP system] needs to be serviced and the pool service techs can easily see if it is time to service them so they can notify the owner,” Hartzog says.

He also says the internal Mazzei injector and bypass make it easier to install. “All we have to do is hang it on the wall and plumb to the inlet and outlet,” he says. “On the old systems, some of the plumbing would get complicated and it was easy for our plumbers to accidentally plumb in an injector or bypass backwards. With the new ones, [CMP has] taken all of the guesswork out of it.” 

Hartzog’s team has installed a handful of the Next Gen AOPs since receiving its first shipment and haven’t had any issues. He recommends the new AOP systems to other pool professionals because they are easy to install and help customers concerned about chemicals.

“It is a way to truly lower the chlorine instead of the battle we have all had when customers request a chlorine-free saltwater pool,” he says, referring to the familiar struggle of pool professionals in explaining to customers that saltwater pools are not chlorine-free. Hartzog also attests to the customer service efforts of CMP and its brands. “It has been very nice and important that the employees at Del Ozone, CMP and now Fluidra have stayed the same through all of their company transitions over the past few years,” he says. “They have continued to stand behind their product and support us with a great warranty when needed.”

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