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Although he started his company, First Response Pool Service, less than two years ago, Michael Krause is a seasoned professional within the industry. He set his roots in the pool industry at 15 years old while helping his stepdad with repairs and servicing pools. By the age of 21, Michael was working a full route. At 23, he left to start a career in law enforcement but in 2021 decided that building his own company is what he’s destined to do. In March 2022, First Response Pool Service was created and has been growing ever since. With 11+ years of knowledge, Michael Krause is climbing the ranks within our industry.

Michael Krause
First Response Pool Service
Simi Valley, California

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Michelle Petersen started working for a swimming pool company in 1983, where she remained for 15 years. During that time, she managed the retail store, taught certified pool operator courses, sold swimming pools and hot tubs and did bookkeeping. In 1998 she opened Waterfront Spa & Pool with her husband and a former co-worker. The original business concept was to bring a new level of service to the area while offering on-time scheduling and complete project management for residential in-ground pools. Over the years Waterfront added outdoor kitchens, shade structures, synthetic turf, outdoor lighting, fire features, grills, yard games and outdoor furniture. Passion for outdoor living is a driving force at Waterfront Spa & Pool.

Michelle Petersen
President and CEO
Waterfront Spa & Pools
Rochester, Minnesota

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Jenniffer Mele is a dedicated pool professional with seven years of experience at Pool Guardians of Florida. Her commitment and hard work have become her trademark in the pool industry, as evidenced by her recent nomination for the 2023 Pool Nation Pool Girl of the Year Award.

Jenniffer provides her expertise — honed through passion, dedication and love of learning — to Pool Guardians, ensuring that pools throughout the community receive top-notch care, from the crystal-clear waters of Tampa Bay to the private oases tucked away in local neighborhoods.

Jenniffer Mele
Pool Guardians of Florida
Land O’ Lakes, Florida

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Marshall Dela Cruz has two decades of welding experience in both piping and structural processes. Prior to welding, he worked in the plumbing, pipefitting and sprinkler fitting industry, giving him a vast knowledge of both above- and below-grade water lines, waste and vents. These days, Marshall primarily cleans and maintains both commercial and residential pools as well as water feature.

Marshall Dela Cruz
Aloha Aquatics Solutions
Waipahu, Hawaii


Tyler Rasmussen may be most well-known in the pool industry for co-founding the Pool Chasers Podcast, but he started in pool service by founding Brothers Pools Service and Repair in 2013. Tired of working hard for corporations that didn’t recognize his contributions, he researched the Arizona pool industry, started the company and went to work at a pool supply store to learn the craft. Rasmussen, along with the marketing skills of his brother Greg Villafana, grew Brothers to 400 pools and 10 employees in less than two years, eventually selling it to Aquaman Pools in 2018. Rasmussen, who has always been an operations manager at heart, joined National Pool Partners in 2021 where he uses the skills he learned as a pool business owner and his knowledge and relationships gained from the podcast to lead the Arizona businesses for NPP.

Tyler Rasmussen
Regional director of operations and GM, Arizona
National Pool Partners
Scottsdale, Arizona

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