Finding the Ideal Drop-In Replacement for Discontinued Single-Speed Pumps


In July 2021, to help reduce energy consumption and create a more sustainable future, the Department of Energy enacted new legislation requiring that all new pool pumps manufactured or imported and sold in the U.S. meet minimum energy efficiency standards. While the legislation does not ban single-speed pumps, most single-speed pumps ≥ 1.0 THP did not meet the requirements. Over the 18 months since the new regulations went into effect, the overwhelming majority of pool pumps sold into the market are now variable-speed pumps.

What Does All of This Mean?

There are over 5.5 million in-ground residential pools in the United States, and many of them have single-speed pumps that are no longer manufactured or sold. Over the next decade, as these single-speed pumps reach the end of their lifespan, pool professionals and pool owners will need to face the reality of replacing them with a variable-speed pump.

Understanding the possible complexities to replacing these pumps, Jandy developed the VS FloPro pump lineup—with a wide range of horsepower and hydraulic packages—to be the ideal drop-in for most existing pumps on the market—single-speed or not.

5 Reasons Why Jandy’s VS FloPro™ Pumps Are the Best Replacement for Your Single-Speed Pumps

The Jandy VS FloPro pump was designed with ease and efficiency in mind. As an aftermarket pump, it can quickly and easily replace other popular models, like Pentair® WhisperFlo® and Hayward® Super Pump® single-speed pumps.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons to drop in the VS FloPro when swapping out a pump.  

1. It’s Made to Fit 

Out of the box, a VS FloPro pump matches up dimensionally to any Hayward® Super Pump®, making it an ideal drop-in replacement pump. To replace a Pentair® WhisperFlo®, the included adjustable base and spacers will be needed so the suction and pressure side ports line up with the existing plumbing. After the base is in place, installation is as easy as doing a dry fit with the Jandy unions to verify alignment. Once all the plumbing is aligned, the unions just need to be glued in place so the VS FloPro can be installed.

The VS FloPro family includes several autosensing 115v/230v dual voltage options. If the pump you are replacing is running at 115v, there is no need to incur the additional expense of converting the supply voltage to 230v and no need to change a jumper or flip a switch to tell the pump it is connected to a 115v power source. This saves you and your customer time as well as money.

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2. Fast, Simple, Full-Featured Programming 

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The VS FloPro is available with the SpeedSet™ Controller preinstalled, making programming straightforward and hassle-free. We engineered the SpeedSet Controller with a focus on easy setup, programming and operation. With its large display and proprietary FlyWheel™ Navigation Dial, it’s never been easier to program a variable-speed pump. The SpeedSet Controller supports up to 10 fully customizable daily schedules and 8 timed runs, with a dedicated clean mode for vacuuming or circulating chemicals to keep the pool water chemistry in balance.

3. Efficient Use of Space 

VS FloPro pumps measure just 24.5″ in length, short enough to easily fit on just about any pool pad. All VS FloPro DV2A models also feature a Zero-Clearance TEFC fan cooled motor. This fan design pulls in air from the sides of the motor instead of the back, allowing the motor to butt up against a wall or foundation without any risk of overheating due to lack of airflow.

4. Servicing Made Easy

VS FloPro pumps include unionized 2″ fittings, which essentially future proof the pump for ease of maintenance moving forward. In addition, the extra-large wiring compartment offers plenty of room to route high- and low-voltage wiring. 

5. It Pairs Well with Other Equipment  

As an added bonus, the DV2A series includes two programmable “speed-based” auxiliary relays that let you provide power interlock to other pool equipment. Doubling as both a convenience and safety feature, the relays turn other equipment on based on the speed of the pump. This simplifies the operation of other equipment such as salt chlorinators or booster pumps that should never operate without the main filtration pump running.

Drop-In Replacements Made Easy with Jandy’s VS FloPro

As single-speed pumps reach the end of their life, they’ll need to be replaced with variable-speed pumps. Thanks to Jandy’s VS FloPro Pump family, this transition doesn’t have to be challenging or unnecessarily time-consuming.  

With its adjustable base, thoughtful design, quick and easy programming and flexible compatibility, replacing a single-speed pump and dropping in a new variable-speed pump can be simple and efficient. 

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