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Xylem’s Barrier Ti UV System Delivers Cleanliness, Simplicity for Aquatic Facilities

Xylem, a global water technology company, announced its new Barrier Ti Ultraviolet System from the company’s ETS-UVTM product portfolio meets the NSF-50 3-log certification for inactivation of Cryptosporidium in a single pass, NSF’s highest swimming pool public health standard for ultraviolet treatment.

The new treatment product is made from titanium and UV-stabilized polypropylene for high corrosion resistance in saltwater applications and chlorinated environments. The system can be easily installed and maintained in small aquatic facilities, hotel or resort pools, spas and other fountains and water features.

The Barrier Ti UV System is user-friendly easily integrates with other pool equipment such as BMS, pumps, filters and chemical controllers. The controller includes a data-logging facility for maintaining quality records and allows for remote monitoring of system performance. Users can:

• Use variable power mode to deliver the exact UV dose when needed.

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• Turn the system down to low power setting during off-peak hours.

• Control features and pumps only when the UV system is operational and producing the required disinfection dose.

Learn more about the three available models in varying sizes and UV lamp power here.

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