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Pool cleaners worth taking a look at this year

2 Wheel PoolCleaner

In December 2013, Hayward Industries, Inc., acquired Poolvergnuegen. Poolvergnuegen’s cleaners, branded as the The PoolCleaner, bolster Hayward’s offering in the automatic cleaner category.

The PoolCleaner’s suction cleaner comes in two- and four-wheel configurations. One patented feature of the cleaner is its self-adjusting turbine vanes, which look like a paddle wheel. The adjustable blades allow the cleaner to move at low suction and low pressure as well as make the passage of larger debris possible.

Like many automatic cleaners, The PoolCleaner two-wheel suction cleaner has a programmable steering system with five programmed turns. The left wheel periodically reverses, turning the cleaner anywhere from 90 to 450 degrees. Poolvergnuegen says this feature helps the cleaner to clean both the shallow and the deep end of the pool. The two-wheel is intended for average-size pools that can be covered with 33 feet of hose.

Polaris Robotic Cleaners
Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

Zodiac Pool Systems added three new Polaris robotic cleaners to its 2014 lineup: the 9350 Sport, 9450 Sport and 9550 Sport. The models have the company’s popular Vortex Vacuum technology but are beefed up with new enhancements.

“[These new Polaris robotic cleaners] include a more durable and reliable control unit, an improved motor block, reinforced wheel design, and all of the fantastic user-driven features,” says Kevin Braidic, Zodiac director of product development.

Chief among these new features is the Easy Lift System. With a touch of a button, the cleaner goes to the pool wall and climbs to the surface so it can be easily retrieved and emptied. The shake and spray filter canister makes it so no debris ever needs to be touched.

The ActivMotion Sensor automatically maps the cleaner’s position, reducing cord tangling and ensuring the cleaner takes the optimal path. The unique cleaner vacuums 20 percent faster by cleaning in reverse down pool walls.

The new user interface offers seven-day programmable timers for the 9450 Sport and 9550 Sport.

Finally, the company has developed an easy-to-assemble caddy to store and transport the cleaner when it’s not in the pool.

Kreepy Krauly Racer

The new pressure-side cleaner, the Kreepy Krauly Racer from Pentair, cleans 30 percent faster with nearly one-third more cleaning power than other pressure-side cleaners, the company says. Four venturis and a front-rotating brush ensure all surfaces are scrubbed. The Racer cleans continuously, regardless of whether it is moving forward or backward.

The Night Cruize LED lights, which are powered by the water turbine, give mundane cleaning a little ambiance at night.

To install, attach the Racer to the dedicated pressure line. For customers looking for the utmost energy savings, the optional new Boost-Rite booster pump can be installed. The Boost-Rite’s five-stage impeller design can cut energy costs by 25 percent. The pump is small allowing it to be installed easily and take up less space on the equipment pad. The Boost-Rite is included in Pentair’s Eco Select brand of products, a distinction only given to the company’s most efficient pool products.

For 2014 Pentair is offering a $100 reward card with the purchase of the Racer. Customers can receive the reward by submitting a receipt and warranty information to Pentair online or by mail within 30 days of purchasing their cleaner.

Pool Blaster Pro 1500
Water Tech

The battery powered Pool Blaster Pro 1500 is designed for pool cleaning professionals. The

cleaner does not need to be hooked up to any external hoses or power supply, so it can be

easily taken from job to job. The Pool Blaster Pro 1500 also comes with two rechargeable batteries, which each provide an hour of run time.

Using an internal pump, the cleaner can vacuum debris as large as golf balls and filters small debris with its micro filter bags. The Pool Blaster Pro 1500 comes with three filter bags, all purpose, sand and silt, and microfilter. Another feature is the large, flexible vacuum head with 12 polyurethane ball-bearings, which helps it clean quickly and efficiently. A standard pool pole can be attached to the cleaner to help reach all areas of the pool. The Pool Blaster Pro 1500 will operate in water as shallow as 10 inches.

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