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Pentair’s IntelliCenter aims to set the standard for pool automation

With long lists of projects and a plethora of clients requiring attention, products that can save pool professionals time and energy are essential. Pentair aims to use technology and automation to do just that for servicers and pool owners alike through its IntelliCenter Pool Control System

Introduced in 2018, IntelliCenter provides centralized automation with up to 40 relays for connected pool products, controlling and regulating pool and spa features including pumps, valves for water flow, heaters, water chemistry, filtration, lighting and more, explains Tony Breland, automation product manager at Pentair. Additionally, cloud infrastructure completed in 2022 improves stability, connectivity and scheduling features, while the touchscreen display with Over-the-Air updates makes set up and updating easy. 

Pentair IntelliCenter pairs with mobile app

“One of the best things about the IntelliCenter is the touch screen,” says Paul Oman, CEO of Texas Pools. “Being able to use that and to program and set up the pool using the setup wizard is fabulous.”

The system also provides remote monitoring, alerting servicers when maintenance is required, which means less time spent driving to customers’ homes to check on their pools. With a higher level of monitoring, both pool professionals and homeowners enjoy peace of mind, Breland says. 

“Sometimes we can solve a problem without even having to go out there,” Oman says. “So that’s better for the customer because they get attention faster, and it’s better for us not having to send a tech every time.”

Pentair provides other helpful features for homeowners, especially with the new and improved Pentair Home app, allowing customers to have full control over their pool. 

“They’ll be able to check the status and water quality of the pool all in the palm of their hand while also controlling the backyard ambiance and mood with added controls for water temperature, lighting and water features,” Breland explains. 

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David Russell, president of Preferred Pools of Houston, praises the control the app gives the pool owner. 

“There’s so much involved with the plumbing these days, most people won’t understand which valves to turn and how to turn them back correctly, so this computer does it all for them,” he says.

Oman echoes praise for the system, calling it the “brain of the pool.”

In addition to the IntelliCenter Pool Control System, Pentair also offers the new IntelliCenter Lite. It has the same benefits of IntelliCenter but on a smaller scale, offering up to five relays, though it is expandable to support additional relays and functionality as new products are added. For pools that have older automation systems installed like EasyTouch or IntelliTouch, Pentair offers an IntelliCenter upgrade kit that brings them up to date.

Beyond the product, both Oman and Russell appreciate the tech and service support Pentair provides. 

“The service from Pentair plays a big role because they keep us up to date on what’s new and what’s coming,” Russell says. 

With the IntelliCenter family of products, Pentair hopes to provide ultimate pool control that is versatile, expandable and reliable. After all, as Oman declares, “Good equipment will make or break a pool.”

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