Commemorating the Human Cost of COVID

First of all, can I just mention how happy our cover this issue makes me? What a bunch of joyous people — and how cool that we’ve got three generations represented from Klenswite Pools.

Three generations of Klenswite leaders: Frank DeVico, founder; Jeff DeVico, Frank’s son and current owner; Michelle Devico, Jeff’s wife; and Chris DeVico, the couple’s son.

At PoolPro, we do our best to be a positive voice for the industry, but I thought it was important to recognize the really hard times people have gone through during the pandemic. COVID-19 brought on incredible challenges for all of our lives and businesses, but for those who contracted the virus or lost loved ones or colleagues to it, the virus’ toll has been truly life-altering. In this issue, we pay homage to people from the pool industry who are forever changed, or are no longer with us, because of COVID.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we return to a topic we’ve covered before in PoolPro: technician pay structures. As employment law evolves and changes, so does compensation. What works for one company won’t necessarily work for another, but pay structures must be evaluated regularly — so this will not be the last time we touch on this topic.

Finally, please join me in welcoming James Johnson as managing editor of PoolPro. I decided to throw him in the deep end of the pool industry with his first writing assignment on LSI.

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Megan Kendrick, publisher, CPO


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