Drew Robinson

36 | Business development manager | Phoenix Products Company

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Business development manager
Phoenix Products Company
Terryville, Connecticut

A salesman during a pandemic can be a sad sight. Used to being on the road and meeting customers face to face, go-getters can find it tough to be stuck at home.

Drew Robinson has worked for Connecticut-based Phoenix Products for the last three years, starting in the plant, then moving to sales. “Being an on-the-road salesman who can’t travel, I dug in at the plant with both feet,” Robinson says. “Heavy work began on cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers, opening many new opportunities for Phoenix as well as myself. Most of all, this allowed us to offer our pool customer base sanitizer to keep them safe and healthy. It is nice to be proud of your work.”

Robinson started his professional career with O&G Industries, the largest construction company in Connecticut. He managed the company’s facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut, selling construction materials. “Throughout my 11 years at O&G, I met many pool builders and masons,” Robinson says. “This is where the industries intersect.”

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In what he calls his “constant search for growth,” Robinson found Phoenix Products Co., nestled in Terryville. He was tasked with rebuilding the production lines methodically until he had worked through both 50,000-square-foot buildings. “Throughout this process, my management of the vendors and relationships blossomed,” he recalls. 

Robinson says his No. 1 priority is being a husband and father, a value he sees paralleled at Phoenix with founder Al Haase dropping in to say hi regularly. “My vision is to be an honest, empathetic and impactful leader recognized internationally within my industry,” Robinson says.

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