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We’re tackling stories that have been on my mind for awhile

There are a few stories this issue that I have wanted to do for a long time. First off, Hal Denbar has been a great source for us over the years, and I am pumped to finally feature Patriot Pool & Spa. The company’s growth would seem like a dream to many, but I loved Denbar’s honesty about some of the emotionally taxing decisions. As business owners, we often think things will work out if we work harder or put in more hours, but tackling hurdles within ourselves is sometimes where we really need to put in the work.

Further, we are FINALLY talking about portable vacuums. I’m not sure there’s a topic or product I see discussed more on industry forums. We did our best to round up what’s available, and cover the pros and cons of each.

Another story I’ve wanted to do for awhile is about cultivating and maintaining relationships with reps. Industry pros are loyal to certain brands for one reason or another, but when you dig into why, the service their local rep provides is often one of the top reasons. What I like about this article, though, is it shows that relationship is not a one-way street. Your customers can be inconsiderate of your time — calls and texts at all hours, blame for problems you had nothing to do with and taking the brunt of technical issues that come up — and the life of a rep is similar. Just keep that in mind when you pick up the phone to call your rep after taking a call from an angry customer…

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And imagine my surprise on a recent visit to see Hayward in New Jersey: What I thought would be a pretty standard check-in ended up much more interesting when I learned the company was going to take 80% of its products offline. That is definitely worthy of some kudos. I hope more companies will follow suit and give the guys in the field a chance to compete.

Megan Kendrick, publisher

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