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To Infinity and Beyond

Jandy Infinite WaterColors Lights provide endless customization

In the world of pool design and renovation, the quest for customization, convenience and control is a constant pursuit. Pool owners dream of a backyard oasis that reflects their unique style and offers seamless operation. Fluidra, a pioneer in innovative pool solutions, has unveiled an answer to these aspirations — the Jandy Infinite WaterColors LED Lights.

No two pools alike

Customization lies at the heart of the Infinite WaterColors system. Rather than having a handful of pre-set colors, customers can personalize their pool by choosing from a wide-ranging color palette. Infinite WaterColors offers an unlimited selection of hues as well as five light shows and 10 pre-set color options — including red, a color that was previously unavailable but widely requested.

“I’m a big fan of red light in the right circumstance, so it’s cool Jandy has that now,” says Mike Farley, designer at Claffey Pools. “Customers like it for Christmas spirit or Valentine’s Day or a red pool now and then on gamedays.”  

Using virtual zoning technology within the iAquaLink app, customers can easily group lights into four designated zones that can be illuminated by different custom colors. 

“Let’s say you have lights in your pool, spa, bubblers and sun shelf,” says Megan Helms, Fluidra’s product manager for lighting and water features. “You can now virtually — in your app — zone them. Before, you had to wire them to an auxiliary relay, but now you can do it all within the iAquaLink app.”

Advanced dimming features are a big selling point for Farley. “You can dim by zones, so you don’t have to dim the whole pool down,” he says. “With more control, you can create a mood or specific setting.”

Synchronized light shows add another layer of customization. Power line communication, a two-way conversation between the lights and controller, allows for direct color selection, eliminating the need to cycle through color options to arrive at the desired one. 

Helms emphasizes the endless customization possibilities of Infinite WaterColors. 

“People want to showcase their pool and personalize it in every way they possibly can,” she says. “[Infinite WaterColors] truly allows you to do that. And that’s why we named it infinite because — literally — your options are endless.”

Jandy InfiniteWatercolors Pool

Easy installation

The system boasts easy operation and is available with both niched and nicheless options. The installation process is also streamlined; since the system uses a communication wire, wiring every single light to an auxiliary relay isn’t necessary, which frees up automation auxiliary relays.

The controller also has a built-in 300-watt transformer, eliminating the need for an additional transformer.

Just a touch of a button

Designed to work with the iAquaLink app through Jandy AquaLink RS automation systems, the lights can be conveniently operated remotely, whether lounging poolside or miles away from home.

The lights’ compatibility with Amazon Alexa and other home automation systems gives users unparalleled control and allows residents to adjust pool zones with a simple command.

Benefits for servicers 

During regular lightbulb changes or renovations is a natural time for servicers to recommend new lighting options to customers especially because the Infinite WaterColors lights are a retrofit option when old incandescent or halogen bulbs must be replaced due to DOE regulations.

The lights are a great option for builders, as well. 

“We’re seeing the design of new pools be more complex,” Helms says. “There are more water features and lights that require greater design flexibility. Some have loungers, bars or fire pits. And these lights fit right in line with these designs.”

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Helms underscores the emotional appeal of lighting, noting its significance in enhancing outdoor entertainment spaces. 

“When you offer customers an option like this, it can be very compelling because they use it for parties or entertaining,” Helms says. “It puts control in their hands and allows them to personalize their backyard space.”

Farley recognizes the allure of lighting options for pool owners. 

“Lighting is becoming a bigger and bigger deal with clients,” he says. “It used to be pool owners just wanted the pool lit up, then it was just a few colors. Now the demand is [increasing]. Clients will create unique setups with it, and different members of the family will even have [individual] setups.”

Jandy InfiniteWatercolors Product

Commitment to innovation

Before the September 2023 launch of the Infinite WaterColors product line, Fluidra worked on the product for years. 

“During the pandemic, some companies pulled back on research and development,” Helms says. “One thing I love about Fluidra is that we invested. Infinite WaterColors is the result.”

In its dedication to customer satisfaction, Fluidra offers a range of support services, including a free interactive tool on its website for customers to explore the lights virtually and a complimentary lighting design service for residential and commercial applications.

Beyond the initial launch, Fluidra is continuing to invest in Infinite WaterColors. The company has a bubbler that is compatible with the nicheless lights — the TruFit Bubbler. It is also developing an Infinite WaterColors Smart Sync, an external driver compatible with CMP’s Brilliant Wonders LED waterfalls (Fluidra acquired CMP in 2021), which will be retrofittable to existing waterfalls. 

Based on customer feedback, Fluidra is also preparing to release a 25-watt version of the nicheless light. Both new products are slated for availability in spring 2024, and there are plans to develop even more compatible products in the future.

“This is a big step for the industry and this product line,” Helms says. “Now having digital lights, we can do more in the future. We’ve built the platform, and we’re continuing to expand the portfolio.”

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Fluidra offers free lighting design assistance for pool professionals. Simply send your pool plan to lighting.design@fluidra.com and you will receive customized light placement recommendations for your pool design.

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