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New Jandy mineral sanitizer reduces chlorine usage by up to 50%

Jandy TruGuard
mineral sanitizer
Jandy TruGuard

As the industry faces a chlorine shortage in 2021, pool pros are looking for ways to reduce chlorine usage in the pools they serve. Jandy’s latest development, the TruGuard Mineral Sanitizer, is one such product.

Released in February, TruGuard utilizes an EPA-registered mineral solution designed to destroy bacteria and algae growth, curtailing excessive chlorine use. “The EPA has said that, when using the TruGuard, you can maintain a free chlorine residual as low as 0.5 ppm of chlorine,” says Mara McCartney, senior product manager at Fluidra. “This is a considerably lower chlorine level than the 1.0 to 3.0 ppm that most residential pools maintain.”

This reduction in needed chlorine can be beneficial in the wake of the suspected trichlor shortage, McCartney adds. Additionally, when added to saltwater pools, TruGuard helps extend the cell life of salt chlorinators, like Jandy’s TruClear.

The mineral cartridge inside of TruGuard is designed for 5,000- to 45,000-gallon in-ground pools. There are no mechanical parts for the system, which is directly plumbed into the pool pad, working alongside a pool’s filtration system. On an existing pool pad, McCartney says pool pros would need to cut the PVC plumbing and glue the TruGuard vessel into place on the return line. It should be installed after the pump and filter, but before a saltwater chlorinator or erosion feeder.

Once installed, pool pros and homeowners don’t need to do anything else. “When the circulation pump is operating, water flows through the TruGuard cartridge, picking up the minerals and delivering them to the pool,” McCartney says. “TruGuard does not overdose the pool with minerals due to our Controlled Release Technology in the mineral media. What this means is that the minerals are slowly released into the pool and not dissolved all at once. Therefore, there is no overdosing of the pool water and no staining of the pool surface.”

The TruGuard cartridge should be replaced every six months, McCartney says, by unscrewing the mineral cartridge from the vessel and then installing a new one. Cutting and gluing is only necessary when initially installing the vessel.

As a Trade Series Exclusive product, Jandy TruGuard is sold through distribution only, not online; homeowners must purchase it through pool companies.

McCartney says TruGuard has several benefits pool professionals can discuss with customers such as up to a 50% reduction in chlorine usage, hassle-free algae control and increased bather comfort.

TruGuard is also installed out of sight, and Controlled Release Technology prevents stains, appealing to visually minded customers, she adds. TruGuard provides pool professionals with an opportunity for residual revenue as well, McCartney says. “The pool professional can see a renewable income stream by replacing the TruGuard mineral cartridges [every six months],” she says, “as well as helping their pool owner maintain the benefits of TruGuard.”

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