Bridgewater Village HOA pool in Little River, South Carolina served by Coastal Pure and using ionization only in the winter.

Winterizing with Ionization

NASA developed technology bridges the gap during chlorine shortage

For more than a decade, Coastal Pure Inc., has been using an affordable, effective technology called copper/silver ionization (CSI) to reduce chemical impact for our commercial clients. Slashing chlorine demand while providing cleaner, healthier water consistently saves customers thousands of dollars in annual chemical operating costs.

In 2021, pool operators using CSI gained a bundle of benefits. CSI helped ease customer anxiety over supply-chain difficulties and the domino effect of a chlorine shortage. It’s no secret that pool sanitizers are in high demand across the country. CSI has always been our pools’ best friend. Our ionized pools use a fraction of the chlorine that others use, no matter what the season.  

Customers never want to spend more money. With CSI, the bigger the pool, the better the savings. Experience tells me that a commercial chlorine or salt chlorine pool costs between 9 and 11 cents per gallon a year to maintain. That cost is reduced to an average of 3 to 4 cents per gallon a year when the pool is ionized. We get these results for our clients year after year, and return on investment is achieved between 12 and 18 months. 

South Carolina’s Grand Strand sees autumn and winter. We seldom have snow or hard freezes, but it’s still cold enough to close all outdoor pools to swimmers. Our winter, or “Pool Closed” season, spans 168 days: October 15 to April 1. Because CSI is an effective sanitizer, during this time we turn off the chlorine in our commercial pools. It’s amazing to look over tens of thousands of gallons of pool water that have no chlorine. The water sparkles in the winter sun. We never get tired of hearing how pretty our pools are. 

Hard at work all winter, CSI does the heavy lifting as primary sanitation, leaving a low chlorine residual to play the role of oxidizer. During winter months, we aren’t battling body oils and sweat, nor lotion, deodorant, tanning oil or sunscreen. These compounds make up most of the chlorine demand in a swimming pool. It’s not unusual for us to turn the automatic chlorine feeders completely off once fall turns to winter and still maintain a low pH of 7.2 to 7.4.

Imagine a pool that doesn’t guzzle chlorine all winter long. Beautifully clean, healthy water and saving tons of money? Who would argue with that?

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Our largest commercial pool is 345,000 gallons: the North Tower Pool at Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It’s a massive pool with a high summertime bather load. This pool consumes plenty of chlorine in summer and barely a drop all winter. “You can read the date off a penny in the bottom of the pool” is my favorite sentiment when I tell others about CSI. The property manager of the North Tower Pool, Kelly White of Ponderosa Management, is amazed she can see the grids of the main drains from the security cameras in her office. Water quality and clarity are superior.   

During the last decade, we’ve encountered our share of naysayers. Resistance to change has many faces. Several of our competitors have lost lucrative contracts to Coastal Pure — a couple have lost their CPO positions — simply because they can’t get on board with a better way to do things. The loudest pushback comes from the old-school pool pros who profit from chlorine or algae. Coastal Pure is not a distributor for any CSI manufacturer; I’m just a believer in the product. It’s not rocket science: Consumers like choices; health-conscious decision makers like fewer chemicals; and everyone loves saving money.

Building Coastal Pure into the company it is today hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding. Over the years, word of mouth referrals have opened the door to serving some of the grandest communities on the Grand Strand. We use simple, proven technology to lessen the chemical impact, benefit swimmers and be kinder to the environment, all while saving HOA communities substantial money. Not many pool products check all of these boxes.

More than a decade of experience, success and positive results speak volumes. Our clients love the cost savings, and they love healthy, beautiful pool water. We’re good with this.   

Some techy info on ionization:

  • CSI kills 99.9% of chlorine-resistant viruses’ bacteria and algae.
  • This technology is an aftermarket installation on any residential or commercial pool.
  • CSI works well with any type of chlorine, yet allows for a significantly reduced level of chlorine.
  • CSI is a superior second layer of sanitation, by protecting swimmers from germs, bacteria and viruses in public swimming pools.
  • CSI, along with chlorine, will prove especially effective in hot tubs and kiddie pools, both settings where bacteria and viruses are likely present.
  • CSI is not sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, pools filled to high swimmer capacity or pool and air temperature.
  • CSI is gentle on everything it encounters. Properly managed means no staining and no corrosion.  
  • During “Pool Closed” season, ionization alone will keep pool water free of algae.
  • In most cases, the proper use of ionization with reduced levels of chlorine — especially in winter — will slash chemical operating costs by 50%,. Ionized pools save our clients thousands of dollars annually.

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