News and Notes with Megan Kendrick of PoolPro Magazine

With the NFL season kicking off soon, start things off with an interesting pool story connected to Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. We talk about a couple in Virginia Beach that turns out to be the tenth of a series of customers unsatisfied with the service of a particular swimming pool contractor. We also discuss another tragic piece concerning a semi-truck carrying pool chemicals crashing into a bank building in California. Finally, we give our thoughts on over ten stories of drownings that occurred in September.

Megan then goes over recent industry news, including the 2nd quarter earnings coming out for the major companies that are public and what that means for the industry as a whole. She also references a Reuters article covering why “the spot price per container on the China-U.S. East coast route- one of the world’s busiest container lanes – has climbed over 550% from a year ago.”

Tyler and Megan also speak on the various regulatory changes in the industry, as well as exciting new events that pool professionals can look forward to in the coming months. Finally, Megan gives an announcement on the upcoming September-October issue of Pool Pro Magazine exclusively covering the commercial side of the industry.


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