LeakTronics Introduces CamVac Leak Detection System

LeakTronics has added a controlled vacuum leak detection device to its arsenal of leak detection equipment. The CamVac System and method reveals a leak from inside the pipe using air intake. The system works hand in hand with standard pipe cameras, like the Hand Held Video Pro cameras at Leaktronics.

“In the past, using a camera was not a recommended tool for finding a leak,” says Darren Merlob, LeakTronics CEO. “You could pass a leak 10 times and not see it. Blue and black glue could conceal a leak, cameras just weren’t viable to find them alone.”

The CamVac creates a tight seal on the pipe and draws air inside the pipe, revealing the leak with a clear stream of air intake. It’s easily visible by a pipe camera and the vacuum itself is controllable to deliver accurate results.

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