Maintaining Proper Water Levels

Guide customers toward an easy installation that prevents costly repairs

Maintaining the proper water level for swimming pools has always been a challenge for pool service companies. But with the help of a few products, it doesn’t have to be. Some of the major problems due to low water levels can cost the homeowner big money in repairs, so it’s critical the homeowner and the pool service company come together.

Over the years, I have had to replace melted PVC pipes, motors and complete pool pumps because the homeowner forgot to add water to their pool. After heated conversations as to why they had to pay so much for repairs, we decided to get proactive. Hardware stores sell a low-cost gauge that attaches to a hose. You can dial in how many gallons you want to add to the pool, turn it on and walk away. There are other products that hang over the edge of the pool with an attached hose adding water as needed, just like a toilet float. This is my favorite, especially for homeowners who travel frequently.

Here in Florida, the evaporation rate varies depending on the time of year. In the summer, the humidity is so high that evaporation is much lower than in winter. Winter brings dry air and lots of wind, causing double the normal evaporation. If the homeowner heats their pool, you can basically triple the evaporation level.

Educate your customer to pay attention to their water level to avoid a costly repair. One of the things many homeowners do not understand is that once the water drops below the skimmer, the pool will be dirtier. Teaching them that proper water levels keep their pool skimming the top of the water and the pool cleaner, makes the sale of any auto-fill devices a no brainer.

The most effective way to protect the pool and its equipment is to replace a conventional pool pump with a variable-speed pool pump that detects a suction problem and immediately turns itself off, protecting the plumbing and motor from overheating. I have been using Pentair’s SVRS pump for eight years and haven’t had a single pump failure due to low water levels.

In talking to other pool professionals around the country who live in dry climates and areas with water restrictions, I can’t imagine them not teaming with their customers to protect pools. We have found that earning your customers’ trust on something as simple as controlling water levels has made it easier to sell more products. If you earn their trust when something goes wrong, it’s not a battle.

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