Paige Quill

27 | Graphic Designer | Taylor Water Technologies LLC

It can be satisfying to see something one has created pop up on the opposite side of the world. That’s a feeling Paige Quill knows well. As graphic designer for Taylor Water Technologies, she has gotten to see her designs go further than she could have ever dreamed. 

“I like how global the pool industry is and how work goes beyond local accounts,” says Quill, who started with Taylor just after graduating in 2017. “Being a part of something that is widely known is a great accomplishment.”

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Quill says she’s felt supported since day one, particularly by Shawn Sutphen, Taylor marketing director. “Shawn has believed in my abilities from the very beginning and pushes my skills to their greatest potential, while giving me the creative freedom to explore my talents,” Quill says. “It’s so important to have someone like that in your professional life who creates that positive work environment.”

Quill says she would like to see the industry adopt a greater dedication to environmental issues, which makes sense. Where is the satisfaction in seeing one’s art pop up all over the world, without a world for it to pop up in?

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