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PP23 6 Web 30U40Laura Denbar

Laura Denbar

39 | Recruiting manager | National Pool Partners

Laura Denbar, 39

Laura Denbar’s career began when she and her husband founded Patriot Pool and Spa in 2006, a residential pool service and maintenance company in Austin, Texas.

For the first 10 years, Denbar focused on managing their lives outside of the business while raising their children. In 2018, she officially joined Patriot Pool and Spa as the human resources manager, where she implemented essential processes and built a team culture.

“My favorite part was providing our employees access to practices that helped them feel seen, heard and understood,” she explains. “Giving them access to better health care, faster and clearer answers to questions about the parameters of their roles and responsibilities, acknowledging their birthdays, anniversaries and important life moments — all of these are examples of how our business and my role in HR helped foster a strong culture of trust and commitment.”

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In 2020, Patriot Pool and Spa joined National Pool Partners, marking a significant transition in her career. She began working as a recruiter for NPP, later being promoted to recruiting manager in July 2021. In this capacity, she leads a team of recruiters across three states.

Denbar has built relationships with other pool professionals, and she finds joy helping individuals achieve their career and personal goals. 

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