Brian Siegel

34 | Owner and president | Northstar Pool Co. | Allensdale, New Jersey

Brian Siegel

Owner and president
Northstar Pool Co.
Allensdale, New Jersey

Brian Siegel’s first job in the industry was as his dad’s apprentice, learning to service and repair residential pools.

“Before I had my license, I remember riding my bicycle to a job we were working on near our house,” Siegel says. “We were in the process of digging a trench for a new line. I just showed up on my bicycle and started digging. I feel very fortunate to have started at the bottom and learned a hard work ethic first.”

Siegel’s father partnered with a friend to start the business as a side gig. “The company started as two hardworking guys with a truck,” Siegel says. By 2007, he bought his father’s half of the company, followed by the partner’s half in 2015. His father and the partner are enjoying retired life now, Siegel says.

Northstar Pool Co. has grown to 10 employees, opening and closing more than 275 pools, servicing more than 140 pools weekly and completing a growing number of renovations each year.

“I am someone who does things by the book, and I am always looking to ensure my company adheres to the golden standard of operation,” Siegel says. “This requires continual investment in education, new products and improving work quality.”

Siegel plans to grow Northstar to accommodate more renovations and create a career path within the company for employees. “What has brought me to where I am now is my supportive family, a passion to keep learning and improving and the support of a great team, allowing the company to move forward with each passing year,” Siegel says. “I feel blessed to be a part of such a great industry and look forward to the future.”

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