Are You Struggling with High pH in Salt Pools?

Installing a controller can increase sales, keep salt pools balanced and customers happy

With today’s technology, no one should struggle to maintain proper pH levels in salt-water pools. After traveling and listening to pool professionals complain about high pH levels, I’m surprised more people don’t know major manufacturers have pH control systems that test the water as the pool is running and dispense acid as needed for proper water balance.

Salt pools are a huge deal in our industry. Almost all my customers are asking to be converted to salt these days. This is great for sales, but scaling pools is a real problem for homeowners and pool-service companies. I’ve seen it all over the past eight years, but with pH controllers, there is no reason for it. They are simple to install and easy to maintain. My weapon of choice is the Pentair IntelliChem, which comes with an acid tank and pump. It’s basically a commercial-grade chemical-feeding system for residential use. No more burning eyes or scaling pools for your customer. Yes, it’s an added expense for the customer, but in reality it’s another sale and makes for a happier, more educated client. Both Hayward and Zodiac make similar products, which make it easy to match up with their pool equipment.

Other benefits come with these systems, too. Pool professionals and homeowners are not always best at properly cleaning the salt cells for their pools. When installing the acid-feeding system to the plumbing, position the acid-feeding tube in front of the salt cell. This keeps the cell free of scaling and calcification, helping the salt system work perfectly at all times. The Pentair IntelliChem acid tank holds four gallons of acid comfortably. All you do is turn the bottle upside down and set it in the tank until it’s completely drained.

The computers on these pH controllers are user-friendly, which I have found hard in the past. However, maintenance is important to keep systems up and running. And maintenance on these systems is another opportunity for you to visit your valued customer and make another sale. A good friend of mine once said to me, “What’s the worst thing the customer can say to you? No.” You will be surprised to find how much more you can sell if you just ask.

If you educate your customer, sales come easy. pH controllers are a simple fix for both homeowners and pool professionals with salt pools.

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